The Appreciation Campaign: Acknowledging the Hard Work of Frontline Healthcare Workers

Gratitude Report Example

Gratitude Report Example

Auscura offers a free platform for healthcare professionals to receive recognition through expressions of gratitude from patients.

The Appreciation Campaign aims to foster a culture of gratitude within healthcare organizations.”

— Tom Scaletta, MD; CEO, Auscura

BURR RIDGE, IL, UNITED STATES, June 29, 2023/ — Burnout among frontline healthcare staff has reached alarming levels, characterized by compassion fatigue, cynicism, and feelings of inadequacy. The situation is further exacerbated by overcrowding, leading to verbal abuse and, distressingly, even physical harm toward healthcare workers.

Auscura is a healthcare technology company that enhances patient outcomes through secure, automated communication. Our name derived from the Latin words “Aus,” meaning “to listen,” and “cura,” meaning “to help.”

With this press release, Auscura is unveiling The Appreciation Campaign. We now offer a free means for healthcare professionals to receive recognition and expressions of gratitude from patients using its SmartContact platform. The Appreciation Campaign aims to foster a culture of gratitude within healthcare organizations. This approach nurtures self-confidence, enhances job satisfaction, and restores a sense of overall joy in the workplace.

Positive feedback is a powerful retention strategy and carries greater significance than salary alone. Additionally, it plays a vital role in job performance, inspiring staff to exhibit greater kindness and compassion towards their patients, which is often reciprocated.

The process is simple and efficient, taking only a few hours of IT setup time. Patients receive a survey link by email or text message, where they answer a single question about the encounter. Positive comments are attributed to individual staff members and pushed to the department director every week. This feedback can be shared during huddles and department meetings, fostering a culture of recognition and appreciation.

SmartContact empowers patients to express their gratitude and appreciation and provides healthcare workers with the validation and support they need to thrive in their roles. This creates an environment that promotes well-being, enhances patient care, and rekindles the passion that initially drew these dedicated professionals to medicine.

Tom Scaletta, MD
[email protected]


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