Minister’s statement on Child Care Provider Appreciation Day

Grace Lore, Minister of State for Child Care, has released the following statement for Child Care Provider Appreciation Day in B.C.:

“Today is a day to honour and show appreciation for all of B.C.’s early childhood educators and child care professionals for the work they do every day with the utmost patience, knowledge and dedication.

“Child care providers are skilled professionals, and your work means kids throughout the province can access high-quality care in their early years. You offer care, connection and learning experiences for our children at some of the most important times in their lives.

“More than that, you teach our children to explore their world and never let them lose their way; you share in our children’s joy and wipe away their tears; and you build our children up and lift them when they fall down. And when you lift up children and their families, you lift up the communities around them.

“As we continue building toward our ChildCareBC goal of making affordable, accessible, quality and inclusive child care a core service families can rely on, you provide the highest standards of health and safety in culturally safe environments and support children in learning through play.

“Affordable child care is life-changing for families, good for our communities and essential for the economy. Affordable child care means parents can pursue employment, education or other opportunities. Communities across this province are stronger because of the work child care professionals do every day.

“That’s why investing in child care professionals is an investment in the future of our province. Our government is taking steps to ensure you are well-supported through increased wages and financial support for your post-secondary education and professional development opportunities. We’ve made progress and there is more work to do – work we are committed to delivering on.

“We’re also making it easier for high school students who have an interest in working with children to get into the field by offering dual-credit programs, which allows them to get a head start on a career in early childhood education.

“Child Care Provider Appreciation Day is a great opportunity for families, business owners and everyone who relies on those services to thank the early childhood educators and child care professionals who take care of our children, allowing parents and guardians to pursue opportunities and our communities to thrive.

“I cannot thank you enough for your professionalism and commitment, long hours and hard work, and for the love and care you offer to all of the families you serve. As a mom, as the Minister of State for Child Care – I thank you.”


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