Healthcare worker’s gesture to Alberta premier blows up online

An Alberta healthcare worker has gained a lot of fans — and haters — online with her gesture toward Alberta Premier Danielle Smith.

The picture that is going viral was taken by Jason Franson of the Canadian Press at a press conference in Sherwood Park on Tuesday.

Danielle Smith

Jason Franson/The Canadian Press

The Alberta Premier has been a controversial figure since winning the leadership of the United Conservative Party to become premier last October.

There were quite a few people online who were happy with the gesture.

Smith has had to walk back some statements in her first few months as Alberta’s premier.

But she still has plenty of supporters ahead of next month’s provincial election. So, not everyone was thrilled with the one-fingered salute.

But there were many others who had the healthcare worker’s back.

The press conference in Sherwood Park, just east of Edmonton, was to announce that if she wins the vote on May 29 Albertans won’t have to pay for any further prescriptions or procedures. The NDP has pointed to past comments from the UCP saying they would do the opposite.

It seems pretty clear which side the healthcare worker comes down on.


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