Fishing with our Frontline Healthcare Workers was a huge success

Our frontline workers have sacrificed so much over the past two years, to show their appreciation, that a number of sponsors made sure they got a morning of fantastic fishing!  

Over the past few weeks, people in Kenora had the opportunity to nominate local frontline healthcare workers who they thought deserved a day of fishing with some of the best fishing guides Kenora has to offer. This was all part of the Fishing with our Frontline Healthcare Workers event. 

The fishing guides brought the healthcare workers onto the lake in groups, they spent the morning fishing, then headed back to the White Cap Pavillion to cook up a shore lunch with the fish they caught.  

Barb Pernsky, a nurse practitioner with the Sunset Family Health Team, was one of the local healthcare workers invited out on the water. She said the day was amazing!  

“I had the most fabulous morning! The best part at first was the ride out onto the lake, we had a wonderful guide, Jim Gustafson, who volunteered his time. Then we had an awesome time catching fish, they were almost jumping into the boat!” 

“I feel so honoured and so privileged to be able to come and enjoy the day, it was awesome!”  

When asked about what it was like to work as a frontline worker through COVID-19, Pernsky said “It’s been challenging, constant changes and constant worry about our community members and our other staff members.” 

“Kenora is a really resilient community and I think we just managed to get through it all together as a team and as a community,” she concluded.  

Jen Carlson is a primary care outreach registered nurse; she was also invited to fish. This is what she had to say “Today was amazing. When I received the call that I was nominated to go fishing, I was super stoked because I love fishing but it was also nice to be recognized for the work that was done over [the last two years] and how heavy that time was.”  

“I know nurses and healthcare workers all around dedicated their lives and profession to the cause – so it was just really nice to be recognized.”  

Fishing with our Frontline Health Care Workers is proudly sponsored by Q104/KenoraOnline 

And… City of Kenora, Copperfin Credit Union, Moncrief Construction, The Standard Insurance, K-Sports Marine, Weyerhauser, Haney Construction, Shaun Stevenson Construction, Century 21, Carstar, Cartridge Source, The Big Graphic Inc, Sierra Construction, Tyrell’s Auto Glass, Kenora GMC, Kenora Honda, Dufresne Furniture, WSL Marine, Lund Boats, Home Hardware, Smoke and Fire, McDonald’s Restaurant, A&W Restaurant, Safeway, Tracy’s No Frills, Wholesale Club, Canadian Tire, Fred Wright, John Dahl, Atlantic Industries Limited, The Hardwear Company, Lake of the Woods Brewing Company, Westland Insurance, Casey’s, Labatts and, Grace Anne Cruises. 


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