Eco HealthTech Apparel Brand Swiss Precision Launches StartEngine Crowdfunding Campaign

MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Swiss Precision, an Eco HealthTech apparel brand for the medical scrub, uniform, and accessories markets, announced the launch of their StartEngine Crowdfunding campaign today. It offers investors large and small the opportunity to disrupt the medical scrub, uniform & accessories markets with Swiss Precision’s unique copper + natural patented materials, which kills or slows the spread of microorganisms.

The materials blend copper with natural organic fabrics like cotton, bamboo, and linen, all designed with an eye on style, comfort, and fit. Swiss Precision has found its unique niche by creating an innovative product that elevates, refreshes, and disrupts the ages-old medical scrub and uniform industry. Currently, medical apparel and accessories is a $94 billion worldwide market projected to grow to $141 billion by 2028.

“We’re on a mission to bring HealthTech fashion protective materials to those that need protection in the workplace, may it be hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, end-stage renal disease facilities, long-term care facilities, dental offices, clinics, delivery personnel, schools, airports, and any other business where uniforms are worn,” said Leslie Dotson, co-founder & CEO of Swiss Precision. “We’re excited to give investors the opportunity to partner with us in protecting our customers while helping our planet.”

Hospitals are increasingly seeing strains of antibiotic-resistant germs and deadly bacteria and viruses, which traditional medical scrubs can carry. New research has found that copper can help prevent the spread of respiratory viruses linked to severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS).

Testing from the prestigious SGS Labs showed that copper is antimicrobial, and using simulated fingertip contamination, exposure to copper destroyed the virus completely and irreversibly. Swiss Precision weaves this same virus-destroying copper into its fabrics, making them antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral.

Swiss Precision is currently in negotiations to become a vendor for 50,000 hospitals in the United States and anticipates that a majority of medical facilities will adopt its materials for the future of healthcare. It’s an exciting opportunity to protect healthcare workers, patients, and the planet.

In addition to online support through Amazon sales, Swiss Precision partner distributors include:

Fabrique – Fabrique has over 30 years of experience working with the top OEMs to provide carrying case solutions. They also have more than two decades of experience developing medical device carrying solutions, such as cases used to deploy defibrillators in the field. Our expertise in this space has helped open the door for other items, such as medical scrubs, gloves, and masks.

AMP Staffing Network – AMP Staffing Network is the leading nursing registry that has staffed hospitals and facilities throughout Southern California for the past 20 years. AMP is also accredited by the Joint Commission and is recognized by the Better Business Bureau. With 348 nurses in the registry, AMP always puts safety first and makes it part of the company culture as a way to keep their team connected. Swiss Precision has partnered with them to distribute apparel to AMP’s nurses and community. With the extra protection and style Eco HealthTech apparel has to offer, it is the perfect collaboration for branding and for AMP Staffing Network’s vision. Visit AMP Staffing Network on Facebook and Instagram @ampstaffingnetwork.

88 Transportation – 88 Transportation is committed to being the best logistics service provider in the United States. They dedicate themselves to exceeding customer expectations by continuously improving services. 88 Transportation offers customers the best logistics services at the lowest rates, and each of its senior managers have been in the logistics industry for over 20 years.

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About StartEngine

StartEngine is one of the leading equity crowdfunding platforms in the United States, where everyday people can find and invest in early-growth companies and startups. StartEngine has helped more than 350 companies raise $150M+ from a community of over 250,000 prospective investors. Based in Los Angeles, the company was created in 2015 by Howard Marks, co-founder of Activision, and Ron Miller.

About Swiss Precision

Swiss Precision is an Eco HealthTech apparel brand, blending copper and natural organic fabrics for the medical scrub, uniform, and accessories markets. By combining copper’s antimicrobial benefits with design for fit and style, our fabrics are lightweight, wash durable, moisture wicking, as well as odor-free.

Our approach is focused on customer health, environmental friendliness, and sustainability – blending copper and natural organic fabric (i.e. cotton, bamboo, linen) technology, with style, comfort, and fit.

To learn more, visit or join the conversation on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.


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