Discounts, gift cards and other incentives to get your Covid booster

Financial incentives are a great way to get more people on board with pretty much anything, even vaccination efforts.

For Covid-19 shots and boosters especially, this method has proven to be fairly successful.

In 2021, U.S. states partnered with companies across the country to offer appealing incentives to get people vaccinated against Covid-19 — from 50,000 free tickets to Six Flags to entries in $7 million lotteries.

The push for vaccine payouts has drastically decreased since then, but some state governments and health departments are hoping to use this approach again to inspire people to get the bivalent booster that targets omicron.


One state that is leading the charge is Massachusetts. The Bay State is offering $75 gift cards to residents who receive their omicron-specific boosters by December 31 at select vaccine clinics, for as long as supplies last. 

The incentive can be used at multiple retailers including grocery stores and big box stores, according to the official website for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. And the prize isn’t limited to only adults.

“All members of a family, including children, can receive gift cards. For children or teens under 18 years old, an accompanying adult must be present to receive the gift card(s),” the site states.


Similarly, but on an even larger scale, the governor of Washington, Jay Inslee, wants to offer $1,000 to state workers who get the updated Covid-19 booster. 

The decision is still awaiting approval, and a recent poll shows that Washington residents are divided on whether or not their tax-paying dollars should go towards financial incentives for receiving the new booster.

These 4 stores are offering discounts for getting boosted against Covid-19

If you’re not a resident of Massachusetts or Washington state, there are some financial incentives you may be eligible to receive.

Here’s a list of companies that are offering deals for people who get their bivalent booster shot:

  1. CVS Health: $5 coupon for any purchase $20 or more, both in-store or online, if you get vaccinated with the new booster at a CVS location
  2. Rite Aid: $5 off of any $25 purchase if you get your updated Covid booster at a Rite Aid store (not available in New Jersey and New York)
  3. Albertsons: 10% off of grocery purchases, with a total of $200 or less, for every Covid vaccine you receive at their locations
  4. Southeastern Grocers: $20 worth of free groceries when you receive the bivalent booster and flu shot at the same time at any of their vaccine clinics

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