50 Best Discounts and Deals for Nurses (2022)

I am a huge believer in the importance of making every dollar count, budgeting, saving money, and taking advantage of any discounts that you possibly can no matter how big or small.  Nurses, medical professionals, and first responders work so hard to serve the needs of others and save lives.  Put yourself first and don’t forget to look and ask for all of the healthcare worker discounts possible.  

There are hundreds of great nurse and healthcare worker discounts available and with many, all you have to do is verify your credentials by uploading an ID or document of your license.  Always check with the individual retailer’s website for any specific details or terms and conditions relating to the discount.  

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Read on to see some of the best discounts and deals we found for nurses.

Clothing and Shoes

Lululemon : Get 15% off your online and in-store purchases.  This discount is good for unlimited uses and you only need to re-verify your credentials once every 4 years.  Nurses, doctors, and EMTs are all eligible for this discount.

Nike: Nurses and other medical professionals receive 10% off.  This discount is only good on the Nike website and not able to be used in stores.  You can use this discount once every 7 days, as long as you re-apply for a new promo code.

Calvin Klein: Get a 20% discount to medical professionals that can be used up to twice in 30 days.

New Balance Shoes: Offers a one-time 25% off discount online if you are a nurse, first responder, or hospital employee.  This discount works on full-priced items only.  It looks like this promo may end on December 31, 2022, so hurry and go get your new pair of shoes!

Adidas: How does 30% off Adidas products online and in-store sound?  This discount is eligible for all active or retired first responders, as well as all nurses and other types of medical providers.  You also are eligible to receive 20% off Adidas at factory outlets.

BackCountry: For nurses who love to enjoy the outdoors on their days off especially travel nurses, you can get 20% off clothing and gear from BackCountry.  Healthcare workers and first responders are both eligible for this discount. 

Fanatics.com: Sports apparel can be a little pricey, but so fun to wear when supporting your favorite team.  Nurses can save on sports apparel by saving 15% off.

Reebok: Medical and hospital workers including nurses take 50% off!  This offer is valid for online purchases only, and the same promo code cannot be used twice

Asics: Medical professionals and first responders can receive 40% off qualifying full-price purchases with a limit of 5 full-priced products per order.  While their individual discount codes are one-time use only, you can actually receive up to 2 promo codes for this discount every 30 days.  This is for online purchases only.

J CREW: 15% off both online and in-store purchases for all first responders and medical professionals.  You can use this discount up to four times per month.  Treat yourself to a cute outfit to wear on your days off when you need a break from your scrubs.

Burton’s:  For the nurses who love snowboarding and outdoor adventures, you can get a one-time use code for 20% off valid on online purchases from Burton.com.  This is a one-time use code, but you can get a new discount code to use every 3 months.  Discount is for all first responders as well.

Under Armour: Offers a 20% off discount to all Healthcare Workers and First Responders.  Take advantage of these savings when you need some new workout attire.

Saucony: Some of the best shoes I ever had as a floor nurse.  Join the Saucony VIP program online and get 20% off your purchase as a nurse or first responder.

Ray-Ban: Need a new pair of sunglasses?  Nurses and first responders get 15% off on a pair of Ray Bans. An especially great deal for those night shift nurses driving home in the bright early morning sun. 

LL Bean: 10% off for all medical professionals at LL Bean.  This discount can be used an unlimited amount of times, as long as you re-verify your credentials with each purchase.

Danform Shoes: 20% off all online purchases with code SUPERHERO20 for healthcare workers.  This site has many different brands of shoes to choose from that are great for your long shifts, including Hoka and Dansko.

Jockey: Get 10% off for all nurses and first responders for some comfy clothes to wear as you relax on your days off.

Vera Bradley: This brand has so many cute options for a work bag; get 15% off for all nurses and first responders.


NFL Games: Nurses can get discounted tickets to NFL games by purchasing tickets here.  This gives you special preferred access pricing, where tickets are listed at a discount in comparison to other ticket sites.

Zoos and Aquariums: Nurses can get special discounts up to 50% on various zoos and aquariums throughout the U.S. including the Baltimore Aquarium and Adventure Aquarium in New Jersey. 

Walt Disney World: The perfect place to spend your PTO time but prices can quickly add up at the Most Magical Place on Earth. You can receive special pricing as a nurse with up to $80 off for Walt Disney World theme park tickets!

Electronics and Wireless

Samsung: Get up to 30% off selected products, higher trade-in value, and more perks for all first responders.  Check here for all their current offers and details.

Miku Baby Monitors: For those nurses about to have a baby, get 10% off the purchase of a Miku Smart Baby Monitor. Also makes a great present to that new mom in your life. 

Ring Home Security: Doctors, nurses, and all other medical professionals can enjoy a one-time discount code on Ring.com, and can receive a new code to use for this special discount once every 24 hours!  Click here to check out the details and browse their products; it appears they don’t provide the exact discount amount until checkout.

Verizon: Nurses can save up to $25 per month on unlimited phone plans.

AT&T: Offers wireless discounts for nurses, doctors, physician assistants and their families.  The amount will vary depending on the plan you choose.

BOSE: Need some new wireless headphones or a new wireless speaker?  Enjoy a special discount for nurses and other medical professionals on purchases of $199 or more.  Find out your discount details at checkout.

iRobot products: Get up to 15% off on select iRobot products, discount valid for all nurses

HP Products: Nurses and first responders can save on a new laptop or other computer accessories by getting special discounts up to 40% on HP Products. This is especially important for those thinking of advancing their education and taking nursing their nursing degree to the next level. 

Home Goods and Jewelry

Pandora Jewelry: Offers 10% off for all medical professionals and first responders online and in-store.  This discount can be used repeatedly once every 24 hours.

Casper Mattresses: Nurses, healthcare workers, and first responders can enjoy 20% off until December 31, 2022.

Brooklyn Bedding: Get some new pillows and bedding for your new mattress and enjoy 25% off all online and in-store purchases every day.  Valid for all healthcare workers.

Citizen Watches: 15% off for all nurses, medical providers, and first responders for online purchases on select models. Every nurse needs a good watch, and Citizen has some of the best on the market. 

Yeti products: Nurses and first responders get 20% off on Yeti products purchased at Yeti.com. Ideal for keeping your coffee hot (or cold) for hours before you are able to actually sit down and drink it!

LoveSac: Nurses and other healthcare workers can get 5% off, up to 3 times per calendar year, on purchases from lovesac.com, or from a Lovesac showroom.

The Happy Planner: Get organized at work, home, and school by saving 15% on The Happy Planner products.  Discount is valid for all nurses and can be applied when purchasing their products online.

Food and Kitchen

Kitchenaid: Love to bake on your days off?  Get yourself some new kitchen gadgets and enjoy 25% on select products purchased on kitchenaid.com.  Offer valid for all healthcare workers and first responders.

Thrive Market: This online retailer offers healthy, sustainable products at member-only prices.  They give a free one-year membership to nurses and other healthcare workers.

Purity Organic Coffee: Get 30% off for all nurses, first responders, and other medical workers.

Green Chef: Nurses, medical workers, and first responders can get 50% off with Free Shipping on your first order.  In addition, you can receive an ongoing 15% off discount for a full year!

Kind Bars: Do you like snacking on Kind Bars at work?  They have so many great bars to choose from.  Nurses and first responders get 15% off when buying Kind brand snacks online.

Hello Fresh: Meal delivery service Hello Fresh gives hospital employees, medical providers, and first responders 50% off their first box with free shipping, and 10% all orders for an entire year.

Blue Apron: Healthcare workers can get $110 off plus free shipping on their first order.

Vacationing and Travel

Rental Cars: Hertz, Budget Rental Cars, Dollar Car Rental all offer 25% off for nurses and first responders on car rental services.

Hotwire: Healthcare workers can save an extra 10% on travel costs when purchased through Hotwire.com.

Healthjob: Use Healthjob when booking your next hotel and receive additional exclusive discounts for healthcare workers and additional savings.

Gas: Planning a road trip?  Join BPme rewards to save on gas; you can get up to 15 cents off per gallon at BP gas stations for a total of 60 days!  

Hyatt Hotels: Hyatt hotels are offering all healthcare workers special Friends and Family pricing on their hotel rooms until December 31, 2022 for a maximum of 7 nights and 2 rooms per stay.

Caesars Rewards: Gives nurses and first responders 30% off hotel stays with a special discount code.  Caesars Entertainment has various hotels throughout the US, including Las Vegas, to choose from.

Wyndham Hotels: Enjoy many special perks by claiming your free Gold membership as a healthcare worker; the signup process is quick and easy.  This offer expires on December 31, 2022.

MSC cruises: Get 10% off cruise fares with MSC cruises to save money on the getaway you deserve.  Offer valid for all healthcare workers and their families.

It feels amazing to know that as a nurse, first responder, or any other licensed medical professional, your hard work is being recognized and companies are showing their appreciation by offering great discounts.  Those pricier things like planning a vacation or using a meal delivery service can now be more realistically attainable, knowing that you have multiple discounts to choose from.

Be sure to save this list as a resource to take advantage of any and all discounts that you can, and save more of your hard-earned money as a healthcare professional. 


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